Guidance: Introducing GOV.UK Verify

Government Digital Service

February 6
11:45 2020


  • What GOV.UK Verify is

  • How long it takes to verify your identity

  • Companies that can verify your identity

  • Information you need to provide

  • How its safe

  • Government services you can use with GOV.UK Verify

  • How to get help

  • Who works on GOV.UK Verify

Published 17 September 2014
Last updated 6 February 2020 +show all updates
  1. Updated the 'Other services using GOV.UK Verify' section to show that the Department for Education's 'Claim additional payments for teaching' service is now live.

  2. Updates to list of services available with GOV.UK Verify.

  3. Updates to list of services available with GOV.UK Verify.

  4. Updated the 'How GOV.UK Verify works' video.

  5. Removed a bullet point from the 'How it's safe' section that said identity providers cannot see which service someone chooses. Identity providers can now direct people to specific services, for example through links in emails or on their own websites. They may be able to tell when people have accessed services through those links.Identity providers can only use this information to direct people to the right service, or to remind them when they need to use that service again, for example because their tax return is due.

  6. Updated 'Companies that can verify your identity' to remove Royal Mail and CitizenSafe who stopped verifying identities after 28 February 2019.

  7. Updates to list of services available with GOV.UK Verify.

  8. Updated the times when certified companies can provide user support.

  9. Updated the list of companies that users can choose to verify their identities.

  10. Changed instances of 'certified companies' to 'identity providers', which is a more understandable term. 'Certified companies' is still commonly used in the Verify sign-up process, so the term has been included in the first instance.

  11. Updated the times when certified companies can provide user support.

  12. Added a new NHS Business Services Authority service to the list of government services using GOV.UK Verify: Sign in to view your Total Reward Statement.

  13. Updated support numbers for Digidentity, Experian and the Post Office.

  14. Updated with Experian's new support phone number

  15. Updated to explain 'how to sign in to Verify' and to include services that people will be able to use with Verify soon.

  16. Updated the language. Chunked up the text into smaller, more intuitive sections and grouped the services so they're easier to identify at a glance. Removed a logo at the top of the page. Incorporated the support details that were only linked to in a blog post before and updated the 'how Verify works' video.

  17. Added a new service (Disclosure and Barring Service) that's just connected to Verify.

  18. Added Apply for a vehicle operator licence to the list of services that use GOV.UK Verify

  19. The updated 'How GOV.UK Verify works' video has been added

  20. Removed out of date video.

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