Statutory guidance: RLE1 form and guidance

Forestry Commission

November 22
15:44 2019

RLE1 form


How to check and change your hedge information

This guidance explains how to check the information RPA holds about hedges on your land and what to do if you need to make changes.

Notifications in the Rural Payments service

RPA will send you a notification in the Rural Payments service when:

  • a land transfer request is completed
  • an entitlement transfer request is completed
  • RPA has made updates to digital maps that you didnt tell them about

Land and entitlement transfer notifications will be visible to anyone with the correct permission level for the business making the transfer and the business receiving the transfer.

RPA will not send notifications to confirm mapping changes that you have told them about or that have been made following an inspection.

Published 23 March 2015
Last updated 22 November 2019 +show all updates
  1. RPA email address updated on RLE1 form.
  2. Replaced 'How to check and change your hedge information' 2018 guidance with 2019 version.Replaced RLE1 2018 guidance with 2019 version.
  3. How to check and change your hedge information v3.0 added
  4. RLE Guidance Version 2.0 - Updates to How to print your maps, When to use an RLE1 form to update your maps, Sending sketch maps to us, Transferring or removing land, Land cover changes, How to check your maps/land parcels, Part D: Add hedges and trees in a line and Part E: Supporting documents.
  5. New guidance published: 'How to check and change your hedge information'.
  6. Hedges Guidance removed
  7. New guidance published about how to check and change hedge information.
  8. Page and guidance updated
  9. New text added about mapping updates to digital land maps.
  10. Updates to Digital mapping information and new section published called Mapping updates published from July 2017.
  11. RLE1 guidance updated for the BPS 2017 scheme year.
  12. Updated to explain that transfers will now be confirmed online.
  13. Version 2.0 Updated 31 March 2016
  14. Updated to add the 2016 versions of the RLE1 form and guidance
  15. New information about how to transfer land and entitlements online.
  16. Updated to include details about RLE1s for Countryside Stewardship
  17. Updated with deadline extension for telling RPA about features or areas which are permanently ineligible for the Basic Payment Scheme.

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