Guidance: When to notify historic environment organisations about forestry proposals

Forestry Commission

July 11
10:40 2023

The UK Forestry Standard and Forestry Commission application forms require those proposing some types of forestry projects to contact historic environment organisations before submitting applications to the Forestry Commission. This guide provides:

  • details on which types of projects should be shared with which organisations
  • email templates to help proposers get prompt advice from historic environment organisations

You can use the Magic map and the National Heritage List for England to check if your proposal area includes or has any designated heritage assets close by.

Forestry proposals and local historic environment services

Proposers should contact local historic environment services ahead of submitting applications for all afforestation, deforestation, forest quarry or forest road projects and woodland management plans.

Forestry proposals and Historic England

Proposers should contact Historic England ahead of submitting any application (excluding felling licence and Countryside Stewardship Higher Tier applications) that could affect directly or the setting of:

Forestry proposals and The Gardens Trust

Proposers should contact The Gardens Trust ahead of submitting any application (excluding felling licence applications) that could affect a Registered Park and Garden.

Forestry proposals and a World Heritage Site

Proposers are encouraged to contact the relevant World Heritage Site coordinator ahead of submitting any application (excluding felling licence applications) that could affect a World Heritage Site and its designated buffer zone.

Response times

If a historic environment organisation does not respond within the timeframe outlined in the template emails, an applicant can submit their application to the Forestry Commission without that organisations input. Evidence of contact with that historic environment organisation must be provided to the Forestry Commission.

Template emails

Published 11 July 2023

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