Policy paper: Enforcement action taken by the Forensic Science Regulator

Forensic Science Regulator

April 24
16:20 2024

This policy is aimed at practitioners and forensic units subject to the regulators code of practice.

The Forensic Science Regulator Act 2021 provided the Forensic Science Regulator powers to investigate and take enforcement action where there are substantial risks to criminal investigations or proceedings.

This policy describes circumstances that might cause the regulator to invoke the powers provided by the act and commence an investigation that may lead to enforcement action being taken.

It sets out:

  • ways in which the regulator might become aware of risk and non-compliance with the code
  • criteria that may cause the regulator to undertake an investigation and take enforcement action
  • the degrees of action available to the regulator and criteria for each, including:
    • formal requests for information to aid an investigation
    • the issuing of injunctions
    • compliance notices
  • guidance on forming declarations when subject to an investigation and enforcement action
  • meeting the requirements of enforcement action
  • redemption of enforcement action
  • routes to appeal enforcement action
Published 24 April 2024

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