Foreign Secretary at EU Foreign Affairs Council

Foreign and Commonwealth Office

February 6
10:51 2017

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said:

We will be doing a bit on Libya this morning. Talking about the needs to unify the east and the west of the country, build on the Libya political agreement, seeing what we can do there to be more creative. Whilst of course, at the same time, addressing the refugee crisis, the migration crisis. As you know at Valletta, the Malta Summit, Britain pledged another 30 million to help tackle that crisis. Proving once again, as I never tire of telling you, that we may be leaving the EU but we are not leaving Europe. We remain absolutely committed to that joint endeavour.

Well be talking about Ukraine as well, talking about the recent upsurge in violence. Everybody is very concerned about that. The causes, as you know, arent quite clear. Theres a bit of murkiness about who initiated that. But the UK will be insisting there is no case for relaxation of the sanctions and every case for keeping up the pressure on Russia.

Im sure therell be discussions on Syria, the Middle East Peace Process and much else besides.

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