Research: HGV driver recruitment and retention rapid evidence assessment

Department For Transport

October 12
09:00 2023


The government has taken action to address the acute heavy goods vehicle (HGV) driver shortage through driver training and improving the availability and quality of roadside facilities. Specifically by:

  • investing in HGV driver skills bootcamps
  • supporting the development and funding of apprenticeships
  • investing up to 52.5 million in the HGV parking and driver welfare grant scheme

This assessment was commissioned to better understand the barriers to recruitment and retention, including:

  • how and whether these vary across different demographic groups
  • HGV operator size
  • different route types

The report presents findings from 59 pieces of literature. The evidence predominantly comprised of primary research with HGV drivers and industry stakeholders, which used quantitative and qualitative methods to explore respondents views.

Published 12 October 2023

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