Transparency data: DfE external data shares

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December 7
09:30 2023

DfE external data shares: September 2023


DfE external organisation data shares includes:

  • classification of data understanding the data we share
  • DfE external third-party data shares (approved by the Data Sharing Approvals Panel (DSAP) from May 2018 to end of September 2023)
  • regular DfE external third-party data shares supported by appropriate data sharing agreements as of September 2023
  • third-party requests for data from the national pupil database (approved prior to April 2018 where data is still held by the requestor as at 30 September 2023)
  • data shares with Home Office
  • data shares with police and criminal investigation authorities
  • data shares through court orders

From July 2021, DfE will also provide external access to data under Section 64, Chapter 5, of the Digital Economy Act 2017 as part of the Longitudinal Education Outcomes (LEO) programme. LEO projects approved under the Digital Economy Act are included in the UK Statistics Authority list of accredited projects.


The data in the archived documents may not match DfEs internal data request records due to definitions or business rules changing following process improvements.

Published 14 December 2017
Last updated 7 December 2023 +show all updates
  1. Added DfE external data shares for September 2023. Data for April to June 2023 is available in the archived list.

  2. Added DfE external data shares for June 2023. Data for January to March 2023 is available in the archived list.

  3. Added DfE

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