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September 5
10:00 2016

We asked accountancy firms around the UK why they file digitally with us. They told us they find it easier, quicker, more secure and cheaper than filing on paper. From multinationals to smaller firms, we visited a wide range of accountants. Find out why they prefer to file online in our video case studies.

Faster, efficient, more control

Crowe Clark Whitehill:

Crowe Clark Whitehill

Crowe Clark Whitehill is a national accountancy firm in the Midlands with 600 staff members and 75 partners. Business solutions manager Raj Basra says filing digitally with us has increased speed, efficiency, response and security.

Easier, cheaper, more secure

Flex Accounting Services Ltd

Flex Accounting Services Ltd

Beverley Flanagan is the managing director at Flex Accounting Services Ltd based in Sheffield and London, employing 5 staff members. Beverley says filing with us online is a breath of fresh air compared to paper filing and shed never go back to filing by post.

Instant information

Moore Scarrott

Moore Scarrott

Duncan Nicholas, an associate from chartered accountants Moore Scarrott, says when he files online, the data appears quicker on the Companies House Service. Duncan says this makes his clients ability to obtain credit a lot better.

Reduce errors and risk of late filing penalties

Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters

Kimberley Green is the senior director at multinational firm Thomson Reuters. Kimberley says the incentive for her company to file online with us was to streamline their accounts production process. They wanted to reduce the risk of errors and late filing penalties.

Email acknowledgements and better client service

Henderson Loggie:

Henderson Loggie

Fiona Morgan, partner at Henderson Loggie based across Scotland, says the main benefits of filing online with us are that its easy, more secure, less administration.

Different types and sizes of accountancy firms from across the country told us theyre better off filing digitally. Theyre enjoying the increased security, speed, efficiency, and are at less risk of missing deadlines.

100% digital

Our aim is to become as close to a 100% digital organisation as possible by the end of 2019. This means that now is an ideal time to join the many accountancy firms who have already taken advantage of switching from paper filing to digital.

Nearly 2 million sets of iXBRL accounts were filed with us during the year to March 2016. Digital filing take-up has now exceeded 75% of all accounts filed here.

Many practices use iXBRL-enabled software to prepare clients accounts but continue to file them on paper. If you work for a firm who prefers paper filing, ask your software providers how you can convert to digital filing of iXBRL accounts for the public record.

Main image: Undrey/, used under license.

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