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June 22
11:15 2022

Creating a vacancy

From Dashboard select Create Vacancy, then complete the Create New Vacancy form:

  • select a template to load the remaining sections of the form
  • questions marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory
  • you must complete all mandatory fields before saving
  • the system will time out after 60 minutes of inactivity
  • once saved, you can edit details before posting
  • candidates can see questions highlighted in purple on the job advert
  • If you Save before completing all mandatory fields, any that are incomplete will behighlighted in red.

Some sections have preset answers, which you can override.

Sift and interview evaluation forms are dynamic, so change depending on your selected Success Profile elements. It is important these are correct.

If you wish to add online tests, see Selecting online tests.

Reviewing or editing your vacancy

  1. Select the Vacancy Details tab.
  2. Review your information.
  3. To make changes, select Edit at the top of the tab.
  4. Changes must be saved - select Save at the bottom of the tab.

Sending to your recruiter

Once your vacancy is checked, select Review your vacancy, then select to send toRecruitment.

Resending to a recruiter

If a recruiter has questions about the vacancy, you may get an email requesting that you updateyour provided information.

Once you have edited the vacancy, return it to your recruiter using the Resend torecruitment button.

Welsh language support

You have the option to provide a Welsh version of your advert. This will allow Welsh-speaking candidates to see the job details and apply in Welsh.

You will need to obtain the Welsh translation of the advert yourself.

  • Free text fields visible to candidates have a Translate button. Use this to enter the Welsh version of the same content
  • Use the Job Preview to see the advert from a candidates perspective, and ensure that all relevant fields have been translated

Copying an existing vacancy

Find the original vacancy

Use the search box in the top right of the page:

  1. Select Search Vacancies - it may already be set.
  2. Enter the vacancy title or ID number (fewer than 6 digits).
  3. Search.

Select and copy

  1. Select and highlight the vacancy from your results.
  2. Select Copy from the menu bar, then confirm.
  3. In the Summary tab, select Edit.
  4. Edit the Vacancy Title, Preferred go live date and Preferred vacancy closingdate to reflect your new vacancy.
  5. Follow Creating a vacancy to review, edit, and send to a recruiter.

Giving access to panel members

For other people to access your vacancy, you can add them as panel members. They mustrequest an account if they do not have one.

  1. From the vacancy summary, go to the Panel tab.
  2. Select Add Participant.
  3. In the User / Profile field enter the name of the person to add. Some people havemultiple accounts, so if unsure select their Vacancy Holder profile.
  4. In the Category field, select the required access level from the dropdown.
  5. Tick Can View Applications, then select the Add Participant button.

Help and support

Contact your recruitment team if you need help using the system.

Published 11 July 2019
Last updated 22 June 2022 +show all updates
  1. How to add a Welsh translation to a job advert.

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