AAIB investigation to Piper PA-31-350, G-FCSL

Air Accidents Investigation Branch

October 12
09:01 2023


Whilst the aircraft was in the cruise at 2,000 ft agl, there was a loud bang as the right engine failed. The aircraft landed without further incident at Bournemouth. The engine failure was because the Number 2 cylinder had detached from the crankcase. This was caused by a fatigue failure of the cylinder flange attachment studs. It is likely that fatigue was initiated by a loss of preload in three of the studs at the front of the cylinder creating the conditions for the remaining studs and through-bolts to subsequently fail. The reason for the loss of preload could not be determined.

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Piper PA-31-350, G-FCSL 10-23

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Published 12 October 2023

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