ESA call for proposals: second small class mission (S2)

UK Space Agency

February 6
16:13 2015

In collaboration with the Chinese National Space Science Centre (NSSC) and Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), the joint call for missions solicits proposals from scientific communities in the ESA Member States and in China, with a deadline of March 16th 2015. UK proposal teams seeking UK Space Agency (UKSA) funding should submit a Statement of Interest (SoI) to UKSA prior to submitting their full proposal to ESA. Normally this is required 3 months before the proposal deadline but given the compressed timeframe we would ask for SoIs as soon as possible. Note that UKSA is unable to provide any financial commitment to mission proposals until the outcome of the Comprehensive Spending Review is known and new budget priorities are set for 2016. Any participation will be subject to the usual internal review process.

Details of the ESA/CAS call.

Details of the UK Space Agency SoI process.

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