UKHO Data Archiving Centre INSPIRE Portal – Data Refresh

UK Hydrographic Office

May 6
17:15 2015

UKHO is pleased to announce that some of the most recently acquired UK bathymetry is now available on the Data Archiving Centre (DAC) web portal, following a refresh of the databased information.

Regular quarterly updates are now taking place on the portal, ensuring that new data is made available to the public with the minimum delay. The latest update, which was completed earlier this month, has brought an additional 84 datasets into the public domain, and updated the supporting information on over 300 existing files.

UKHO is particularly pleased that for the first time we have been able to upload samples of data provided by the Port of London Authority, who have created outputs from their archive specifically for the DAC, giving data coverage in the Thames Estuary where there has previously been no free access to bathymetry.

New surveys available from the Maritime & Coastguard Agencys Civil Hydrographic Programme include HI1455 Eddystone Rocks to Lizard Point, and HI1450 Approaches to Cardigan Bay, which provide high resolution multi-beam coverage in areas previously served only by analogue outputs.

All data is released under the terms of the Open Government License, and in accordance with the UKHOs responsibilities as the MEDIN UK Bathymetry Data Archiving Centre.

The DAC portal can be accessed through our INSPIRE page

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