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July 2
08:46 2019

About the ADMIRALTY Marine Data Portal

The ADMIRALTY Marine Data Portal provides access to marine data sets held by the UK Hydrographic Office within the UK Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). The ADMIRALTY Marine Data Portal replaces the INSPIRE Portal as the place to search and download data sets regarding maritime limits and boundaries, ships routeing measures, bathymetry and more.

As a Public Authority, the UK Hydrographic Office makes relevant data sets available under the Open Government Licence in compliance with the Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe (INSPIRE) initiative.

We have been accredited by the Marine Environmental Data and Information Network (MEDIN) as the National Data Archive Centre for bathymetric surveys. Therefore, we have included access to relevant bathymetric surveys held in our Data Archive Centre as part of our ADMIRALTY Marine Data Portal.

Available data sets

The following data sets and apps have been added to the ADMIRALTY Marine Data Portal:

Maritime Limits

Download maritime limits and boundaries as datasets or illustrations for the UK, UK Crown Dependencies and UK Overseas Territories.

Ships Routeing

Ships Routeing Measures as approved by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO), and/or the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) (as National Competent Authority).


Bathymetric surveys from various sources including over 4,000 bathymetry surfaces from 1970 to present day. The bathymetry data is updated every three months and a large number have been funded by the MCA, an executive agency sponsored by the Department for Transport, under the Civil Hydrography Programme.


Over 8000 live and charted wrecks around the UK as maintained by the UKHOs Marine Geospatial Data Management team.

PEXA Limits App

View authoritative Practice and Exercise Area (PEXA) Limits within the UK EEZ in a GIS web app.

Offshore Infrastructure App

View Offshore Infrastructure such as wind turbines, surface and subsurface structures, pipelines and associated safety zones within the UK EEZ in a GIS web app.

Contour App

View contours and dredged areas derived from Electronic Navigational Charts within the UK EEZ in a GIS web app.

Bathymetric data of a wreck in Goodwin Sands
Published 29 August 2014
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