SSRO joins UK Regulators Network (UKRN)

Single Source Regulations Office

February 29
15:53 2016

The UKRN is comprised of 14 of the UKs economic regulators, and works to ensure effective cooperation between sectors. The UKRN has committed to strengthen regulatory work across sectors, without cutting across the independence or specific goals of each regulator.

Services are often provided by private companies, and typically competition is used to ensure that services are provided efficiently and effectively. However, competition is not always practical or possible, and in such situations regulation can play an important role in ensuring efficiency, quality of service, environmental standards and fair trading. The UKRN has been established to maximise coherence and shared approaches across the UK regulatory environment.

Cathryn Ross, UKRN Chair, said:

I am very pleased to welcome the SSRO as a new member to the UK Regulators Network. The purpose of UKRN is for regulators to work together to maximise coherence and shared approaches in the interests of consumers and the economy. The SSRO is a valuable addition and brings extensive skills and knowledge, I am sure they will equally benefit from joining an already thriving network.

Chief Executive of the SSRO, Marcine Waterman, said:

I am delighted that the SSRO is now a member of the UKRN. We look forward to engaging with the other UK regulators through the forum and to sharing the lessons of effective regulation. The SSRO has always sought to work with other UK and international organisations to cooperate on work and share best practice, and the UKRN is an established network that provides a great opportunity to do so.

Membership of UKRN cannot override or alter the statutory responsibilities of members; this means that the SSROs involvement will vary depending on the nature and subject matter of current projects.

For more information, please visit the UKRN website

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