Labour market statistics for Scotland


May 15
12:30 2018

Commenting on todays labour market statistics for Scotland, Scottish Secretary David Mundell said:

Todays figures show that Scottish employment and unemployment rates are weaker than the UKs. Instead of constitutional nit-picking the Scottish Government should focus its energies on using the considerable powers it has to strengthen Scotlands economy and boost productivity. We urge the Scottish Government to work constructively with us to achieve this.

Further information:

Employment in Scotland decreased by 2,000 over the previous quarter (October to December 2017) and increased by 10,000 over the year to stand at 2,630,000.

The Scottish employment rate increased by 0.3 percentage points over the quarter to stand at 74.7%. The rate is below the UK average of 75.6%.

Unemployment in Scotland fell by 6,000 over the quarter and is down 2,000 over the year. The level now stands at 118,000.

At 4.3%, the Scots unemployment rate is now just above that for the UK as a whole (at 4.2%).

Economic Activity levels moderately decreased by 8,000 over the quarter and now stands at 2,748,000. The Economic Activity rate increased marginally over the

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