How to apply

Rural Payments Agency

February 26
00:03 2021

Before you apply, you must check and update any of your information in the Rural Payments service, and then request your application pack as explained above.

Before you start, check that your pack contains the following:

  • Mid Tier (MT) application form for 2021
  • annexes
  • Farm Environment Record (FER) map/Options map
  • Environmental Information (EIM) map.

If youve downloaded the pack or received it by email save it to your computer, fill in the form and annexes on your screen. Print 2 copies of the Options/FER map and mark the options and environment features on them, scan them into your computer. Then email your completed form, annexes and maps to us. Read Step 8 for more information.

If youve received your pack by post fill in the application form, annexes and maps and either post them to us; or you can scan them into your computer and send them to us by email. Read step 8 for more information.

To apply for Countryside Stewardship (CS) Mid Tier in England in 2021, follow the sections below:

  • complete your application; then
  • confirm your information and apply.