Detailed guide: BPS 2019

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June 29
14:52 2020

Latest news

The Financial Discipline Mechanism (FDM) reimbursement

Farmers with a 2019 BPS claim worth more than 2,000 will receive a reimbursement from the 2018 FDM fund. Read the Financial Discipline Mechanism reimbursement section below for more information about the reimbursement. The information on this page relates to the BPS 2019 scheme year.

Remittance advice

When you receive a payment from RPA, well send you a remittance advice that gives details about your payment. You can read more information about this in the RPA remittance advice guidance.

BPS 2019 payment rates have been announced

See the How BPS 2019 payments are calculatedsection below.

Rural payments: land guidance

The Rural payments: land guidance gives information about the land used for rural payment schemes.

How BPS 2019 payments are calculated

To find out how payments are calculated, read the Payments, Reductions and Penalties section of the Basic Payment Scheme: rules for 2019. Page 95 explains how RPA calculates payments.

You may also need to read information about greening administrative penalties.

To find out how the value of the common land part of the BPS payment is calculated read the example below.

The BPS 2019 exchange rate is: 1 = 0.89092.

The Financial Discipline Mechanism (FDM) reduction rate for payments over 2,000 is 1.432635%.

Entitlement values for 2019

Payment region Entitlement value
Non-SDA (Severely Disadvantaged area) 182.70
SDA 181.34
SDA moorland 49.76

Greening payment rates for 2019

Payment region Greening payment rate
Non-SDA (Severely Disadvantaged area) 78.69
SDA 78.11
SDA moorland 21.43

Payment queries

If you have a query about a BPS payment that youve received, please fill in a BPS payment query form and send it to RPA.

Scheme rules and guidance

Other guidance and forms

Continuation booklets (for paper applications)

Financial Dis

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