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February 26
00:03 2021

Step 5 Application summary

The Grant totals and Application summary gives useful information about the options that you have chosen and the financial value of your application. This information appears automatically as you fill in annexes 1 and 2. If you have completed paper annexes, this information will not appear unless you manually fill it in.

Application summary tab

Use this tab to confirm for yourself that you have added all the correct options into your application.

Grant totals tab

Use this tab to confirm for yourself the value of your application.

Step 6 Checklist use this to confirm that you have read and completed everything needed.

Before you submit your application you can use this checklist to help you make sure that you have done everything you need to do.

1.Youve read and understood the CS scheme rules and requirements including the terms and conditions in the Mid Tier and Wildlife Offers manual.

2.You and the land that you are including in your application are eligible for CS read Section 3 Who can apply in the Mid Tier and Wildlife Offers manual and Section 5 The Wildlife Offers.

Your land is not eligible for the Wildlife Offers if one or more of the following reasons apply to you, but you may be able to apply for Mid Tier.

  • the business is very large (classified as more than two hundred land parcels registered to the SBI)

  • the business already has land parcels in an Environmental Stewardship Agreement that will be under agreement at the planned start date of the Wildlife Offer Agreement

  • the land under the business includes a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI)

  • the business has an Inheritance tax exemption (IHT) agreement with HM Revenue and Customs.

3.Youve registered all of the land in your application in the Rural Payments service. Checked all the details are correct and submitted an RLE1 form for any land that is not already registered.

This includes farmyards on which you apply for capital works or maintenance of weatherproof traditional farm buildings.

The application does not have to cover the whole holding but it must include all land parcels that will support rotational options for the whole period of the agreement and all Scheduled Monuments (SM) within your control.

Cross compliance requirements apply across the whole holding.

4.You have the correct permission levels in the Rural Payments service to complete and submit this application.

To authorise an agent to act on behalf of this business, anyone with Business Details Full permission for the business can give an agent CS Applications Submit permission.

5.Youve completed Annexes 1 and 2

6.Youve given the following details in Annex 1 Land summary:

  • all land parcels that will support rotational options

  • all land parcels at moderate to high risk from runoff or soil erosion

  • land use codes for all the land parcels in this Wildlife Offers application. Unless you are applying for BPS this year, then you only need to give the land use codes for any land parcels in this Wildlife Offers application that are not in the BPS application.

7.Youve completed the following maps:

  • a Farm Environment Record (FER) map including:

    • all features and area on the land parcels included in your application

    • all land parcels containing Scheduled Monuments

    • all land parcels at moderate to high risk from runoff or soil erosion

  • a completed Options map.

8.Youve filled in Section 3: Declaration and undertakings of the application form. (You only need to sign in the box if you are submitting a paper application form by post.) You know what supporting documents you must submit with your application.

Youve completed and attached them where necessary:

  • CS Land Ownership and Control form(s) read Question 3

  • a copy of your tenancy agreement (if you have a public body landlord) read Question 3

the required evidence if someone else applies for BPS on any land in your Wildlife Offers application. Read about dual use under Management control: eligibility and scheme rules in the Mid Tier and Wildlife Offers manual on GOV.UK.

9.You understand what evidence is needed for your application. This depends on the options you choose.

For more information about evidence read the How to apply section and section 6.4 in the Mid Tier and Wildlife Offers manual on GOV.UK. Or for information about evidence for each option and capital item read Countryside Stewardship grants on GOV.UK.

10.Youve attached any other required supporting documents, and evidence that must be submitted with your application.

11.Youve told us the number of continuation sheets youve used (if applicable).

Step 7 Supporting documents and evidence

We must receive your application and supporting documents by midnight on 30 July 2021. We may also need to receive some evidence by this date read below.

Supporting documents:

For example:

  • Options map

  • FER map

  • A Land Ownership Consent form (if required).

Maps for more information about what to include in your maps, read Step 2 Your Farm Environment Record (FER) map(s) and Step 3 Your options map(s). Or read the Mid Tier and Wildlife Offers manual on GOV.UK, search for Wildlife Offers.


Some evidence we must receive by midnight on 30 July 2021, and some evidence you should keep until we ask for it. Read about the requirements for each option or item in Countryside Stewardship grants on GOV.UK.

How to submit your supporting documents or evidence

You can scan and email all the documents to us. You must put your SBI and Application ID on all documents.

The maximum size of emails we can accept is 32MB. If the email exceeds this limit, please send a further email and use the same subject heading. Add the number of emails at the end of the subject heading, for example, 1 of 3, 2 of 3, 3 of 3.

For security reasons, we cannot accept discs, USB pen drives or other external storage media.

You can submit digital photos by email, but do not scan printed photos as the quality is not good enough.

Or you can post the documents to us using the address in More information and contacts.

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