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February 26
00:03 2021

Check your details are up to date

Before you start to create your application, you must check that the personal and business details youve already registered are still correct. Well use them to contact you about your application so please make sure they are up to date.

Check your personal details

As soon as you sign in to the Rural Payments service youll see a screen called Your businesses and messages. To check and change your personal details, click View and amend personal details on the right side of the screen. Click Amend your details, then after you make any changes, click Submit changes.

Check that your address, email address and phone numbers are up to date.

IMPORTANT - if you apply online, well contact you by email whenever possible, so its important that your email address is up to date.

Check your business details

To check your business details, choose the business from the Your businesses screen. On the Business overview screen, click View full business details on the right side of the screen. To make any changes, click the appropriate Amend link.

The main business address that we have in the Rural Payments service is the address that well use to send certain types of information to you, such as the remittance advice after a payment is made.

Check your bank account details

Its important that your bank account details are up to date and valid or we will not be able pay you for CS and any other schemes you are claiming payment for. To amend your bank account details, call us on 03000 200 301. You cannot change them online or by email.

Well make payments in sterling only.

To help prevent fraud, after payments start from 1 December 2021 until the end of December, there are restrictions on updating bank account details. We can only update details if we have asked you for them or if your bank has rejected payment.

Check your permission levels

If the Countryside Stewardship Applications link is not visible on the Countryside Stewardship screen, or youre not able to do something in the application screens, check youve got the correct permission level.

To check your permission levels, click Give access to this business on the Business overview screen. If you do not have the right permission level in the service, youll need to get someone with Business Details: Full Permission level for the business to change your permission level.

There are 4 different permission levels. To submit an application, you must have Countryside Stewardship (Applications) Submit.

If you still cannot see what you need to see or the link after your permission level has been updated in the Rural Payments service, you should sign out then sign in again, to refresh your account.

Diagram 6

Check any permission levels youve given to other people

If you want someone else to have access to your business so they can help you apply online, you need to check that youve given them the right permission level. You must have Business Details: Full Permission level for the business to be able to change their permission level.

Click Give access to this business from the Business overview screen. Theyll need Countryside Stewardship (Applications) Submit permission if you want them to apply for you. They must be registered in the Rural Payments service before you can give them access, and you will need their customer reference number (CRN).

If you prefer you can arrange for someone else to receive payments on your behalf.

After youve updated the permission level, remember to scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save and return.

Check your land parcel maps

You can look at digital maps of the individual land parcels which are linked to your SBI in the Rural Payments service. You can see them as either an OS map or as an aerial photo - you can print the OS map view too (with or without your hedges showing on it). For more information about how to do this, click the Help link on the screen.

From the Business overview screen, click the Land link, and then View land.

Check - your land parcel maps online

Its important that you check your maps online because weve reviewed and updated our mapping information, where necessary, since applications were made for 2020. Weve updated our digital land maps using the latest available data sources, such as aerial photography and Ordnance Survey updates. If weve updated your land parcels, you will have received notifications in the All messages tab in the Rural Payments service identifying which land parcels have been updated. If you do not read your messages, we will send you an email reminding you to sign in to the service and check your notifications.

How to use the Land summary screen

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