Promotional material: Diabetic eye screening: description in brief

Public Health England

November 26
10:21 2020

Your guide to diabetic eye screening


This information explains diabetic eye screening and why it is offered.

People with diabetes should be directed to this information when they are invited to screening.

Free printed copies of this leaflet are provided for local screening services to send with prevalent screening invitations. View the full PDF of the printed leaflet on the APS online ordering portal.

Incident screening invitations should direct people to the digital HTML web page version of this leaflet. Refer to how to print digital leaflets if you need to provide a copy of the HTML version to people who cannot access the internet.

An easy guide to diabetic eye screening is available for people with learning disabilities and people who struggle with written English.

This information is available in 10 other languages: Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, Gujarati, Hindi, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Romanian and Urdu.

Contact the PHE Screening helpdesk with any queries about this publication, making sure you include its full title.

Published 30 January 2015
Last updated 26 November 2020 +show all updates
  1. Translations converted to HTML.

  2. Updated guidance about use of personally identifiable information.

  3. Updated diabetic eye screening leaflet.

  4. Added HTML version of diabetic eye screening invitation leaflet.

  5. Added new easy read guide, replacing out of date leaflet.

  6. Added opt-out and patient consent information to leaflet.

  7. Addition of link to audio version.

  8. First published.

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