Detailed guide: Ebola: returning workers scheme (RWS)

Public Health England

June 3
16:59 2020

All workers returning from areas affected by Ebola should be risk assessed by Public Health England (PHE).

About the scheme

PHE established the returning workers scheme (RWS) in November 2014, as part of arrangements to protect and monitor the health of those who travel to Ebola affected areas for their work. This is part of a coordinated effort to protect the health of the wider public.

The RWS is for any business or organisation that has staff who travel to the UK from areas affected by Ebola. This includes humanitarian and healthcare organisations, as well as media and other organisations that are sending workers to situations where they might be directly exposed to Ebola.

So that PHE is able to establish prompt and efficient screening arrangements, and can provide organisations with regular updates and guidance we ask that:

  • organisations undertaking business in Ebola affected areas must register with the PHE returning workers scheme
  • once registered, organisations should provide PHE with the travel details of all staff (paid or unpaid) returning from Ebola affected areas, in advance of their arrival into the UK

Current Ebola-affected areas

As of 3 June 2020, the RWS applies to Democratic Republic of Congo - North Kivu, Ituri and quateur provinces only.

Register for the scheme

Contact to find out more about the scheme and to register.

Further information about Ebola

See the Ebola collection.

Published 22 July 2015
Last updated 3 June 2020 +show all updates
  1. Updated to include quateur province as an Ebola-affected area.

  2. Added current Ebola-affected areas to which the RWS applies.

  3. First published.

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