Guidance: Rights of way advice note 20: inspectors' powers to modify definitive map modification orders

Planning Inspectorate

October 14
14:59 2021


This advice is for inspectors dealing with orders made under s53(2) of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 (the 1981 Act) where, in respect of an order, either:

  • no event has been specified,
  • the wrong event has been specified,
  • more than one event should have been specified but was not,
  • more than one event has been specified, but one or more of them is redundant, or
  • the order is specified to have been made under section 53(2)(a) of the 1981 Act, when the reference should have been to section 53(2)(b), or vice versa. Event has the same meaning as in s53(3) of the 1981 Act.
Published 1 May 2013
Last updated 14 October 2021 +show all updates
  1. References to Wales removed

  2. Updated to better clarify Inspectors powers to modify the order map.

  3. First published.

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