Detailed guide: Appeal a community infrastructure levy notice under Regulation 117, 118 or 119

Planning Inspectorate

October 28
13:35 2020

1. When you can appeal

You may appeal against a surcharge (Regulation 117) imposed by the Community Infrastructure Levy collecting authority on the following grounds:

  • the claimed breach which led to the imposition of the surcharge did not occur;
  • the collecting authority did not serve a liability notice in respect of the chargeable development to which the surcharge relates; or
  • that the surcharge has been calculated incorrectly.
  • appealing against a surcharge will suspend its effect until the Planning Inspectorate has decided the appeal in question.

You may appeal against any decision by the levy collecting authority where you disagree with the deemed commencement date given in the Demand Notice (Regulation 118).

You may appeal against the issue of a Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) stop notice (Regulation 119) where:

  • the collecting authority did not serve a warning notice before imposing the CIL stop notice; or
  • the development for which the CIL stop notice was imposed has not commenced.

Deadline for appealing

  • appeals against a surcharge (Regulation 117) must be made within 28 days of the surcharge

  • appeals against a decision by the levy collecting authority to deem that development has commenced (Regulation 118) must be made within 28 days of the date the notice was issued

  • appeals against CIL stop notices must be made within 60 days of the date the notice takes effect.

2. How to appeal

Make your appeal by filling in the appeal form (MS Word Document, 71.2KB).

See the guide on how to complete your community infrastructure levy appeal form (PDF, 177KB, 10 pages).

3. Comment on an appeal

Anyone can comment on a community infrastructure levy appeal.

4. After you appeal

The Planning Inspectorate will check your appeal to make sure its valid. Theyll tell you the start date, what happens next and how long your appeal may take.

If anyone behaves unreasonably

You can apply for an award of costs if anyone involved in your appeal has cost you money by behaving unreasonably, eg missing deadlines. You can have costs awarded against you too.

You can complain about how the Planning Inspectorate handled your appeal. Theres no time limit for complaints.

5. If you disagree with the appeal decision

You can challenge the decision in the High Court if you think the Planning Inspectorate made a legal mistake.

Get advice from a lawyer if youre unsure about this.

6. Contact

Contact The Planning Inspectorate

7. Recent decisions

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