Guidance: Welsh Speaking Prisoners and Duties on Welsh Language Guidance

Parole Board

January 22
15:15 2021


This guidance sets out information and advice relating to parole cases where the prisoners first or preferred language is Welsh, as well as any other individual or organisation that communicates with the Board in Welsh.

It sets out the relevant legislation, the policy adopted by the Board, and best practice on managing communications and parole review hearings to ensure that we comply with our duties.

The guidance should be read in conjunction with the Parole Boards Welsh Language Scheme which can be found here, along with other information about how the Board will meet its duties in relation to the Welsh language.

Appendix I Welsh Language and Parole Information Sheet

Information for Welsh speaking prisoners about the options available to them to engage in their parole review in Welsh, where this is their preference. This information is available in both Welsh and English.

Appendix II Welsh Map Infographic

Infographic about the male prison estate in Wales and map of Approved Premises and Prisons.

Published 22 January 2021

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