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Parole Board

August 19
08:37 2020

Stakeholder Response Form

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A new process for applications to vary Parole Board directions, request a deferral, request for additional witnesses, and ask for other information, was introduced on 1 November 2018.

The Stakeholder Response Form standardises the way parties can make these applications and gives each party the opportunity to respond, in compliance with Rule 10 of the Parole Board Rules.

The new process will have a clear timeline for when a party should submit a response and when a decision on the request will be made by a Parole Board member.

Both parties must now use the Stakeholder Response Form when making these requests. Any requests included in a body of an email will be rejected and returned to the sender.

Please refer to the guidance and FAQ sheet for more information on the new process.


The Stakeholder response form (SHRF) is used by any party in relation to a request to vary or revoke directions, to address licence variation requests, requests to amend panel logistics, time estimates, requests for additional directions/witnesses, requests for deferrals/adjournments or requests to expedite/prioritise a hearing. Applications to vary licence conditions can only be made after a release decision by the Parole Board.

The Parole Board will not accept applications without a properly completed SHRF being submitted by the applying party, i.e. ad-hoc applications via email/letter/telephone without the completed SHRF will not be accepted.

Representations from either party upon the referral of a case to the Parole Board should continue to be made in the usual way (Parole Board Rules 2016 Rule 9) and a SHRF does not need to be completed. Representations under Rule 9 must be added to the dossier.

Witness availability and remote attendance applications do not fall under the SHRF process and will continue to be addressed directly between the witness and the Parole Board Case Manager. Non-disclosure applications by the Secretary of State should continue to be made in the usual way.

Any application must be made by a party (Prisoner/Legal representative or Secretary of State (via PPCS)). Any witness seeking to make a request via a SHRF must liaise with their respective party to the proceedings who will assess the application and then decide whether to put it before the Parole Board. For example, an Offender Manager or Offender Supervisor seeking to submit a SHRF must do so via PPCS.

Published 19 August 2020

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