Specified levels of attainment (Condition PTQ10)


February 18
14:04 2020

Condition PTQ10: Specified levels of attainment

  1. PTQ10.1 An awarding organisation must ensure that the specification for each Performance Table Qualification which it makes available, or proposes to make available, sets out specified levels of attainment which comply with any requirements which may be published by Ofqual and revised from time to time.
  2. PTQ10.2 An awarding organisation may apply for an exemption from any requirement published under Condition PTQ10.1 with respect to which Ofqual has stated that it will accept such an application.
  3. PTQ10.3 Condition PTQ10.1 does not apply to the extent that an awarding organisation has been granted an exemption by Ofqual under Condition PTQ10.2.

Specified levels of attainment: detailed requirements

Condition PTQ10.1 allows us to specify requirements and guidance in relation to the specified levels of attainment that must be used for Technical Awards.

We set out our requirements for the purposes of Conditions PTQ10.1 below.

Specified levels of attainment in Technical Awards

In relation to each Technical Award, an awarding organisation must ensure that the specified levels of attainment take the form of a scale

  1. (a) with a minimum of three points, and
  2. (b) with a maximum of
    1. (i) for a level 1 or level 2 qualification, four points, and
    2. (ii) for a qualification spanning both level 1 and level 2, eight points.

A Learner who does not meet the criteria to be awarded a specified level of attainment must be issued with a result of unclassified.