Ofqual Handbook: General Conditions of Recognition


February 20
15:04 2020

This document sets out Ofquals General Conditions of Recognition (and associated requirements) - the rules we have set for all the qualifications and organisations we regulate. It also includes our guidance on how to comply with these rules.

All regulated awarded organisations have a legal obligation to:

  • comply with these rules on an ongoing basis
  • have regard to this guidance

Future changes

Following our joint consultation with Qualifications Wales and CCEA Regulation, we will be making a number of changes to our General Conditions of Recognition. Most of these changes will take effect on 1 October 2020.

Read our decisions to find out more about these changes

We are also currently consulting on:

  • changes to General Condition A2 to reflect the UKs exit from the European Union
  • guidance on publishing fee information to support the new rules that will come into force in October
  • guidance on malpractice and maladministration
  1. Using the Ofqual Handbook How to use this handbook
  2. Section A - Governance Rules about governance of awarding organisations, including management of conflicts of interest, risks, incidents and malpractice
  3. Section B - The awarding organisation and Ofqual Rules about the relationship between awarding organisations and Ofqual, including in relation to responsible officers, reporting of information and the use of Ofqual's logo
  4. Section C - Third parties Rules about arrangements with third parties, including Centres and publishers
  5. Section D - General requirements for regulated qualifications General rules, including about qualification fitness for purpose and accessibility, and about reviewing approach, enquiries and complaints, withdrawing qualifications and information for teachers.
  6. Section E - Design and development of qualifications Rules about qualification design and development, including about qualification titling, qualification specifications, credit, and qualification size and level.
  7. Section F - Providing qualifications to purchasers Rules about providing information on qualification fees and feature, packaging qualifications with other products or services, and invoicing
  8. Section G - Setting and delivering the assessment Rules about setting and delivering assessments, including about the language of assessments, maintaining confidentiality of assessments, reasonable adjustments and special consideration
  9. Section H - From marking to issuing results Rules about marking, Centre Assessments Standards Scrutiny (including Moderation), setting specified levels of attainment and results
  10. Section I - Appeals and certificates Rules about appeals, complaints and the content, design and issuing of certificates
  11. Section J - Interpretation and definitions How to interpret our rules, including defined terms

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