Guidance: Access Consultation Forum - terms of reference


September 30
10:30 2019


We work with other qualifications regulators, awarding organisations and representative organisations through a group called the Access Consultation Forum (ACF). We have organised the ACF in partnership with the other UK qualifications regulators since being established in 2008. It meets at least twice a year to consider issues affecting, and good practice to promote, the accessibility of qualifications and assessments to disabled students.

We require awarding organisations to design their qualifications and assessments so they do not include any unjustifiable barriers to students. Qualifications and assessments should provide a valid measure of what a student knows, understands and can do regardless of any disability they may have. The Forum considers issues that affect disabled students taking regulated qualifications and National Assessments.

For more information, including a list of the organisations who attend the ACF, please see the Forums terms of reference.

Published 30 September 2019

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