Are you a current Functional Skills maths teacher?


August 9
10:21 2017

Ofqual is looking to recruit current Functional Skills maths teachers to take part in an online research study.

Participants will be asked to compare the likely difficulty of multiple pairs of maths questions in terms of which question in each pair is likely to be most difficult for a Functional Skills student to answer fully. To do this we are looking for current Functional Skills maths teachers, or people who have taught Functional Skills maths in the last 3 years. You must not have been involved in developing assessment materials for Functional Skills maths.

Each question will be isolated from its usual context of a whole paper; and you will be making a judgement of difficulty considering all the factors that may affect a students response. You wont need to complete the work in a single sitting, but will need an internet connection while youre doing it.

We plan to run the study in late August/early September over a 2 week window. Participants will be paid for their contribution.

If youre interested in taking part, please email your contact details, along with your experience in Functional Skills maths to by 21 August 2017. We will then provide further details about the work itself and what you need to do next.

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