Consumer Satisfaction Survey 2019-20

Office Of The Immigration Services Commissioner

July 16
13:49 2020

The OISC launched its Consumer Satisfaction Survey in 2019-20, the purpose of which was to offer advice seeking clients the opportunity to share their experience of the service provided by regulated immigration advisers as well as an analysis of the role of the OISC in the process of consumers receiving immigration advice and services.

The survey contained 25 questions to assess the adviser/client relationship from beginning to end and covered a wide range of issues from how customers selected their chosen adviser, how fees were agreed for the work completed to the quality of client care letters and professionalism of the advice giver.

We are delighted to report that the results of the Consumer Survey presented an overwhelmingly positive response regarding the relationship between regulated advisers and their clients.

Some highlights from the responses received are found below:

  • 76% found their advisers through either a recommendation of a friend or other legal professional or had used the adviser before;

  • Recommendation, Reputation and Having used them before were the leading reasons as to why clients chose their immigration adviser;

  • 95% of respondents stated that they agreed the work that would be done with their adviser before it was carried out during their consultation;

  • 100% agreed the price for the advice during the consultation.

Over 90% of clients responded positively when asked whether they were informed:

  • How long their case would take
  • Who was responsible for their case
  • The possible outcomes of their case
  • The level of service they would provide
  • The key stages of the matter in hand

Over 95% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed when asked whether their client care letter was:

  • Clear and understandable
  • Contained all relevant information
  • Clarified costs for the advice
  • Contained information on how to complain

Over 95% of all respondents agreed or strongly agreed when asked whether their adviser was polite and professional, their communication was effective regarding the immigration case, was knowledgeable and trustworthy and acted ethically towards the client

Over 95% of all clients agreed and strongly agreed that they were satisfied with the service provided and its cost, would recommend their adviser, and obtained the outcome desired from their immigration matter.

100% of respondents main method of contact with their adviser was either face to face (47%) or via internet/email/social media (53%)

100% of respondents were satisfied with the advisers complaints process

Regarding the awareness of how the OISC fits into the broader picture between advisers and clients, we were particularly interested to note that the survey highlighted a lack of awareness from the immigration advice seeker of the existence of the OISC and its functions when they first interacted with their advisers, with some 70% admitting they had not heard of the OISC before approaching their representative. Furthermore, only 30% of respondents who used it found the OISC Adviser Finder function of some use in selecting their appointee. However, 90% of responders did not make use of the option.

This information has given the OISC much in terms of food for thought and the organisation has taken steps following the appointment of the new Commissioner to proactively address this issue and is working hard to raise awareness of the OISC and its functions to a much greater audience than ever before.

We would like to thank the advisers who directed their clients to the survey as it has provided valuable feedback to how clients ex

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