Guidance: Ministry of Justice: Whistleblowing policy and procedures

Ministry Of Justice

September 18
10:08 2020


What you need to know:

All civil servants are bound by the Civil Service Code which sets out the core values; integrity, honesty, objectivity and impartiality, expected of all Ministry of Justice (MOJ) employees.

Workers are encouraged to immediately raise any concerns they have about wrongdoing or breaches to the Civil Service Code by following the whistleblowing procedure. Any concerns raised are treated sensitively. Confidentially is preserved wherever possible. Nominated Officers are available to give impartial, confidential support and advice.

If your concern is extremely serious, you can raise it with the Permanent Secretary but you should consider talking to a senior manager or Nominated Officer first.

What you need to do:

MOJ whistleblowing policy does not cover individual harassment, bullying and discrimination cases unless this is directly related to a worker raising a whistleblowing concern (victimisation).It is important that employees with harassment and bullying complaints have their concerns addressed promptly.

MOJs antibullying and harassment advisors can provide support and advice. The formal process for raising a concern is contained within the MOJ Grievance guidance.

To raise a concern, you should:

  • read the whistleblowing policy and procedure to make sure your concern is relevant and doesnt fall under another MOJ policy (e.g. MOJs grievance policy)
  • follow the whistleblowing procedure using the process map to find who to contact
  • use the contact list to access information on support available within MoJ and externally
  • read the procedure before contacting the Civil Service Commission

If your concern comes under the whistleblowing policy an appropriate manager (band A / grade 7) or Nominated Officer will contact you to discuss the next step.

Published 18 September 2020

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