Detailed guide: Land Cyber Programme

Ministry Of Defence

February 23
16:51 2021

Land Cyber Vision

An army within the Joint Force and with Allies, naturalised to the cyber and electromagnetic domain, which integrates people with technology to exploit opportunities and gain military advantage.

Watch the Land Cyber Programme animation.

The image, illustrates Land Cybers change drivers and the Programmes priorities and benefits, enablers and dependencies.  Each is described more detail below and within the sub-titled amination.

Programme Benefits

We seek to modernise and then transform. A secure Army Digital Enterprise and a talented digital workforce provide the foundation to protect us against hostile, invisible threats. By developing new skills and leveraging new technologies we will maximise the talent within the army, leading to a resilient and adaptable force with greater agility to quickly adapt to new threats, and to lever cyber and electromagnetic capabilities to exploit opportunities.

We seek to enhance foresight and reduce the cognitive burden of command, by improving the speed and accuracy of our data and signals intelligence we will be able to make better and faster decisions. We will constrain the adversarys freedom of action by integrating cyber and electronic attacks with other physical and joint effects, as the threat dictates; preserving our survivability and increasing the armys wider utility for multi Domain Integration. It is through a powerful combination of a collaborative approach with defence, our partners and our allies, and enablers and frameworks that we will modernise and integrate with the armys other major programmes, and their visions.

Land Cyber Priorities

To offer electronic and cyber protection to operate in a hostile cyber and electromagnetic domain. To deepen our understanding, using enhanced electronic sensors and survey tools and by better contributing to the collection and exploitation of national intelligence. To develop electromagnetic and cyber effect capable of deceiving, denying, disrupting and degrading the key capabilities of our adversaries, on land or in the cyber and electromagnetic domain.

How to find out more

Contact the Land Cyber stakeholder engagement:

LE TacCIS Programme

Published 5 February 2021
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