Defence Secretary hosts Counter-Daesh ministers

Ministry of Defence

December 15
10:48 2016

The meeting, hosted by Sir Michael Fallon in London, comes as Iraqi personnel, supported by UK and Coalition forces, continue to advance on Daesh in eastern Mosul. In recent days, RAF jets have destroyed Daesh buildings, positions and equipment across and around the city.

In Syria, the UK is contributing to efforts to open up a second front around Raqqa. The Syrian Democratic Forces announced recently the start of the next phase of the operation to isolate Raqqa. Since November, the Coalition has carried out more than 300 strikes in support of the advance.

The meeting will review progress in Iraq and Syria, deepen coordination and cooperation on foreign fighters returning from the region, and build towards long term stability in Iraq in 2017.

Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon said:

Daesh is being taken on in Eastern Mosul: last week we opened up a second front around Raqqa. Daesh is losing ground, finance and fighters.

As part of the 68 member Coalition, Britain is playing a leading role, through our airstrikes, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, and our training.

In 2017 we must maintain momentum to deal these terrorists a decisive blow.

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