Update on MMO’s strategic review of disposal sites

Marine Management Organisation

March 18
09:31 2016

The Marine Management Organisation (MMO) is nearing the conclusion of a review of all disposal sites in England. The MMO commissioned Cefas to undertake a high level, review of all disposal sites around the country. This review is a desk- based review focussing on marine disposal sites in English waters. It will make recommendations on how the MMO manage disposal activities.

The MMO licenses disposal at sea under the Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009. Such activity is usually licensed at a number of disposal sites that have been in use for longer than 10 years. Given recent events such as the designation of Marine Conservation Zones (MCZs), European Marine Sites (EMSs), and the development of marine plans, the MMO is keen to understand the current sensitivities around all disposal sites and to review their current management strategy. It is expected that the review will be completed in the next two months and the MMO intend to communicate the findings of the review and how they are taking any recommendations forward on its website.

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