Undulate Ray by-catch allowance in the English Channel

Marine Management Organisation

February 26
11:07 2019

The by-catch allowance for Undulate Rays caught in ICES Areas VIId (Eastern English Channel) and VIIe (Western English Channel) will be 70kg live weight, per vessel, per trip from 1 March 2019. This may be subject to change on a monthly basis with a closed period from May 2019 - August 2019.

The 2019 TAC and Quota Regulation has amalgamated the Area VIId and Area VIIe by-catch allowance for Undulate Rays. In previous years the two areas had separate allowances but this year there is a combined allowance of 58 tonnes for both areas. Any restrictions applied to catches of this species must therefore be the same for both areas.The TAC and Quota Regulation stipulates that this species shall not be targeted and shall be landed whole or gutted. These conditions are the same as in previous years and are in line with the fact that this is a protected species, considered endangered world-wide.

In order to protect juveniles and spawning females the current restrictions on minimum and maximum size (measured from tip of the nose to the end of the tail) and the closed period remain in place:

  • Minimum size of 78cm
  • Maximum size of 97cm
  • Cannot be landed during May, June, July and August

70kg per vessel per trip represents a decrease in the amount that can be landed in VIIe but this is necessary to ensure the UK stays within its 58 tonne limit for both areas. Uptake so far this year is 10 tonnes and is being monitored closely. Further changes to the by-catch allowance may be necessary later in the year.

Catches of Undulate Rays in Areas VIId and Vlle will be recorded separately from the wider area VII stock, which means the 70kg is additional to and not included in any quota allocation for Skates and Rays in the wider Area VII.

Any question please contact Edward Baker: email Edwa

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