Non-native crabs and lobsters along Sussex Coast

Marine Management Organisation

June 17
15:28 2015

A number of fishermen on the Sussex coast are reporting catches of non-native lobsters (Canadian Homarus americanus) and crabs (Metacarcinus magister) in an area in the vicinity of Brighton on the Sussex coast.

The MMO would like to ask that anyone who catches non-native lobsters or crabs keeps the animals (regardless of size) and reports the matter to the MMO office at Shoreham on 01273 424849, or take them to a local fish merchant who can alert us to them. For details on how to deal with the crabs and lobsters once landed please visit the Cefas website.

  • Under no circumstances should any non-native species be released back into the sea as release could impact native species and constitute an offence under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.

  • In addition, animals can be landed but cannot be re-immersed - unless held in facilities which are compliant under the Lobster Deposit Order Licence.

  • Although the animals are safe for human consumption we would ask anyone who captures them to notify the MMO office at Shoreham on 01273 424849 or take them to a local fish merchant who can alert us to them.

The MMO appreciates the co-operation of all involved from capture to retail sale in this matter.

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