Update 2015 Standard Civil Contract for Clinical Negligence, Actions Against the Police etc and Public Law from 1 November 2015

Legal Aid Agency

October 28
10:17 2015

Organisations that have completed verification

Organisations that successfully tendered must execute contracts before the contract start date to allow them to begin delivering services from 1 November.

Where organisations have successfully completed verification, their contracts will be available for execution in the Controlled Work and Administration (CWA) system this week.

In addition to completing verification, organisations must also complete the two following actions before they can execute their contract in CWA:

  • complete and return an AC1 form for any office that does not currently have an LAA account number. The AC1 form is available on our website
  • set up the requisite number of designated signatories on CWA. Guidance on how to allocate a designated signatory in CWA is available on our website

Guidance on how to execute a contract in CWA is available on our website. Contracts that have not been executed 10 working days of the contract start date will be withdrawn.

Organisations that have not yet completed verification

The deadline for submitting verification information was 1 October 2015. Some organisations have not yet successfully completed verification and the LAA cannot guarantee to have contract documentation available for these organisations in time for the contract start date.

All verification information must be sent via the relevant message board in the LAAs eTendering system.

If the requisite information has not been provided to evidence that the requirements are met by the contract start date, and the LAA has been unable to satisfactorily verify an organisations tender or any individual bid, then the LAA will not enter into the contract and the contract offer will be withdrawn.

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