Detailed guide: Civil processing dates

Legal Aid Agency

November 15
09:43 2019

Summary of processing timescales

Information will be updated on a weekly basis and the current position will be the oldest date as of Friday the previous week.

The exception is Civil Applications which will be updated twice weekly to reflect our current processing timeframes.

Current targets:

Civil applications Civil bills Very high cost case plans and correspondence (family cases exceeding 25,000 using single counsel)
80% processed (end-to-end) in 20 working days (excluding the most complex cases) 90% of complete and accurate bills within 20 working days 90% within 20 working days

We continually aim to turnaround applications and bills as soon as possible and strive to deliver performance under our current set targets.

Civil applications

Civil application dates are updated every Monday and Wednesday (last updated 15 November 2019).

Work type Current position (working days)
Applications (inc means assessments) 9 days
Amendments/Authorities 8 days
Appeal 19 days
Discharge 3 days
Means re-assessments 13 days

Civil bills

These timescales apply to paper and CCMS claims.

Please remember to submit your CCMS Outcome promptly to avoid payment delays as these timescales for CCMS claims reflect those claims that have already had their outcomes reported and finalised. Civil news: submitting case outcomes and prompt payments

Work type Current position (working days)
Court Assessed 5 days
Fixed fee 5 days
Hourly rate 5 days
FAS 4 days
POA 2 days

Please allow a further 5 9 days for payment to be received.

For further performance information please see the Government Performance Platform.

Very high cost cases (family cases exceeding 25,000 using single counsel - this does not include cases dealt with by the ECC team, in particular, 2 counsel and Queens Counsel cases)

Work type Current position (working days)
Case plan 27 days
Claim 1 in lieu of a case plan 11 days
Correspondence 10 days
Contracts 3 days
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