Crime news: changes to defendants’ costs order Fastrak claims

Legal Aid Agency

September 6
15:29 2017

You should start sending your bills for defendants costs order (DCO) Fastrak work to this email address from 11 September 2017:

Using this mailbox will allow us to assess your claim more quickly.

What to include with your claim

In order for us to assess your claim the electronic bundle must include:

  1. Fastrak POCA cover sheet
  2. certified and signed 5911 claim form
  3. copy of DCO made by the court
  4. copies of relevant travel or disbursement receipts e.g. expert invoices, counsel fee notes, travel or parking receipts where the total exceeds 20
  5. appropriate evidence of retainers contract i.e. client care letter and any amendments
  6. clients authority to pay costs to solicitors

An electronic DCO Fastrak cover sheet will be sent by email to all providers who have previously made DCO claims.

Copies of the form may also be obtained by emailing:

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