Crime news: ‘Crown In Court Presentation’ equipment being rolled out nationally

Legal Aid Agency

March 16
16:15 2016

In-court presentation equipment is being installed across the Crown Court estate to allow digital evidence and other material to be delivered in courtrooms from laptops.

Crown In Court Presentation (CICP) works by using ClickShare plug and play technology and removes the need for hard copy evidence.

A key aim is to help improve transparency by making evidence more accessible to the defendant, victims, witnesses and the public in the courtroom.

Appropriate digital material held on the defence practitioners device can be easily shared with the wider courtroom via wall mounted court screens. Examples include CCTV footage, audio recordings and photos.

How can I receive training?

Drop in sessions will be set up to provide you with a demonstration of what the technology does and how to use it. The timing and date of these sessions can be found at your local courthouse.

You are encouraged to attend these sessions and familiarise yourselves with the User Guide and Frequently Asked Questions, which can also be found on see further information below.

There are also a number of useful video quick start guides on the page demonstrating how to:

  • use ClickShare technology
  • play DVD video evidence
  • use extended desktops

See below if you want to play these videos.

How much disruption will this cause?

Rollout plans have been designed to minimise disruption to court lists and sites have chosen different deployment methods. In some cases this may mean shorter sitting hours or work moving between courtrooms.

What does the equipment look like?

This technology is similar to magistrates in-court presentation equipment, which has already been rolled out across England and Wales.

However, there are a number of differences in the size and number of screens in the courtroom. The CICP equipment will include:

  • wide screens 65 or 82 depending on size of courtroom
  • ClickShare presentation units for display digital evidence in courtroom and connected video systems
  • monitors on advocates desks, clerks desk, judges bench and witness stand to view digital evidence
  • monitors supporting use of Crown Court Digital Case System (CCDCS) software

Further information enquiries about CJS efficiency Programme

Digital presentations in court: guidance for professionals

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