We have changed our warning of cancellation letters

Land Registry

January 11
09:30 2016

We have stopped sending warning of cancellation letters by post to professional customers when they have not fully replied to a requisition within 15 days.

We now send these letters by email only and they will no longer specify which requisition points remain outstanding.

This change does not affect applications from citizen customers

What professional customers need to do

To continue receiving these reminders, you must:

  • include your email address in the appropriate panel of our application forms
  • make sure your pre-completed template application forms include an email address in the appropriate panel

All Land Registry correspondence will be delivered by email whenever possible if an email address is included on the application form.

Removing paper from this process is part of our work to digitise our systems and processes. This creates online audit trails for our customers and for us, and enables all of us to work more efficiently. It also helps us prepare to become a more digital organisation and introduce the new online services we are developing, such as the Digital Register and Digital Mortgage.


If you have any queries about this change, please contact your customer team or use our general enquiries online form.

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