National Polygon and Title Descriptor datasets published

Land Registry

November 12
14:04 2015

The two chargeable datasets, combined with Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN) data from GeoPlace, make up our National Polygon Service.

For the first time, customers will be able to download, host and interrogate the complete set of polygons and detailed title information, within their geographic information systems (GIS). This provides business opportunities for new product and services.

The National Polygon Service includes three datasets.

National Polygon dataset

The National Polygon dataset is one of our largest and most popular datasets. With information on more than 24 million titles and 28 million polygons, it covers all registered titles (freehold and leasehold) in England and Wales and shows the indicative shape and position of each boundary.

Title Descriptor dataset

The Title Descriptor dataset provides a freehold and/or leasehold label against each title and then you can view the Class of Title and Estates and Interests in land information. This dataset is currently only available as part of the National Polygon Service.

Title Number and Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN) Look Up dataset

A Title Number and UPRN Look Up dataset is associated with each title number, where it can be matched. UPRNs are a unique twelve digit number assigned to every unit of land and property recorded by local government. They were created by GeoPlace, as a joint venture between the Local Government Group and Ordnance Survey. When cross-referenced with title numbers these provide a way of matching files with merged data from other government agencies.

More information

We will continue to use your feedback to develop the dataset attributes, delivery options and update frequency.

For more information about National Polygon Service or the licensing terms and conditions email the Business Development Fulfilment Team or call 0300 006 0492.

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