Use a website address instead a registered design number

Intellectual Property Office

October 1
09:00 2017

Whats changed?

From today registered design owners can mark their product with a website address to show the product is protected by a registered design. Previously the only way to do this was to put the registered design number on the product. The webpage must clearly set out the registered design number(s) relevant to that product.

Removing the need to mark the registered design numbers directly on the product will reduce burdens and costs for businesses and individuals who own registered designs.

Why is it important to show the design is registered?

Marking the product as protected by a registered design is optional, but it gives the design owner the best chance of being awarded financial remedies if their design is infringed. Using a website address will also make it easier for the public to access up-to-date registered design information in relation to a product.

Read our guidance on how to display your rights.

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