Guidance: Applications for reviews on patent opinions

Intellectual Property Office

January 20
11:38 2020


Use this table to get information about applications we have received for the review of a patent opinion and to see what stage each application has reached. You can see whether

  • you can file a statement supporting or opposing the application or whether the period for doing so has expired
  • we have issued a decision. You can view this in our decisions database
  • the person who filed the application for a review has withdrawn it
  • we have refused the application for a review where we have issued a decision refusing the application, you can view this in our decisions database

If you would like more information about a particular review application, then contact our opinions team:

Phone: +44 (0) 1633 814332 or +44 (0) 1633 814335

Fax: +44 (0) 1633 814491


Published 23 September 2014
Last updated 20 January 2020 +show all updates
  1. Review of opinion 02/17 and 15/17 added.

  2. Review of opinion 07/19 added.

  3. Review of opinion 15/17 re-advertised.

  4. Review of opinion 15/17 added.

  5. Final review of opinion 07/17 added.

  6. Final review of opinion 30/16 added.

  7. Review of opinion EP2308855 added.

  8. Review of opinion 02/17 added.

  9. Outcome for opinions 21/16 and 23/16 added.

  10. Outcome for opinion 17/16 published.

  11. Opinion 30/16 added.

  12. Review of opinion EP2598313 and outcome of opinion 10/15 added.

  13. Review of opinion GB2478028 added.

  14. Opinion 17/16 added.

  15. Opinion 10/15 added.

  16. Review of opinion 30/14 added.

  17. Opinion review 22/14 added.

  18. Opinion review 30/14 added.

  19. Review of opinion 22/14 added.

  20. First published.

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