Detailed guide: Requests for opinions: 2020

Intellectual Property Office

August 7
08:27 2020


The table below shows information about opinion requests we have received in 2020 and what stage each request has reached.

For example, you can see whether:

  • you can file observations on a request or whether the period for doing so has expired
  • we have issued an opinion
  • the person who filed the request has withdrawn it
  • we have refused a request for an opinion. Where weve issued a decision refusing the request, you can view this in our decisions database

Further information

If you would like more information about a particular request please contact us by:

  • telephone: +44 (0)1633 813813 or +44 (0)1633 813616
  • fax: +44(0)1633 814491
  • email:

2020 requests

Opinion numberPatent/SPC number, title and ownerRequester and request dateIssue (Infringement and/or Validity)Observations deadlineOutcome

Cold storage material, cold storage device and very-low-temperature cold storage refrigerator

Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd
Edwards Limited

26 June 2020
Validity 2 September 2020

Heated inflatable exercise chamber with gas-permeable inner membrane

Hot Pod Yoga Limited AB
Optix Events LLP

29 May 2020
Validity 31 August 2020

A production line and a method of shaping profiles

Ingvest AB
Ingvest AB

27 July 2020
Infringement26 August 2020

Beverage capsule

Alex Gort-Barten
Euro-Caps Holding B.V.

29 July 2020
Validity26 August 2020

Palisade fencing

HW Martin Holdings Limited
Swindell & Pearson Limited

6 July 2020
Validity12 August 2020

Jaw apparatus for stabilising a floating craft against a stationary structure

Ronald Stephen Mattey
Acapo AS

27 April 2020
Validity14 July 2020
09/20 EP0904081

Aqueous suspensions of 9-hydroxyrisperidone fatty acid esterst

Janssen Pharmaceutica N.V.

15 May 2020
Validity14 July 2020Opinion withdrawn 29 July 202
08/20 GB2500162

Method for manufacturing emulsion paint

Newlife Paints Limited
Andrew Barnwell

8 April 2020
Validity19 June 2020

Cassellie Limited

Valve apparatus and method of use thereof
Beck Greener LLP 28 April 2020Validity19 June 2020

Filter cartridge for water reservoir of coffee apparatus

Koninklijke Philips N.V.
Pozzani Pure Water Limited

19 March 2020
Validity21 April 2020

Safety screen

Ischebeck Titan Ltd
RMD Kwikform

5 March 2020
Validity8 April 2020

Apparatus and method for replacing an overhead conductor

Babcock Networks Limited
Slingco Limited

18 February 2020
Infringement20 March 2020Opinion issued 15 May 2020

Opinion number 04/20 (PDF, 503KB, 10 pages)

Shockwave apparatus having a pneumatic drive united technologies corporation

Storz Medical AG
Duncan Morren

7 February 2020
Infringement12 March 2020Opinion issued 23 April 2020

Opinion number 03/20 (PDF, 447KB, 6 pages)

Improvements in or relating to ablutionary installations

Kohler Mira Limited
Beck Greener LLP

29 January 2020
Validity6 March 2020Opinion issued 22 April 2020

Opinion 02/20 (PDF, 248KB, 9 pages)

Polytunnel structure

Haygrove Limited
Pro-tech Marketing Limited

27 December 2019
Validity31 January 2020Opinion issued 26 March 2020

Opinion 01/20 (PDF, 1.24MB, 21 pages)
Published 3 January 2020
Last updated 7 August 2020 +show all updates
  1. New opinion 15/20 added.

  2. New opinion 14/20 added.

  3. Opinion 09/20 has been withdrawn.

  4. New opinions 12/20 and 13/20 added.

  5. New opinion 11/20 added.

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