Detailed guide: Requests for opinions: 2020

Intellectual Property Office

February 21
14:07 2020


The table below shows information about opinion requests we have received in 2020 and what stage each request has reached.

For example, you can see whether:

  • you can file observations on a request or whether the period for doing so has expired
  • we have issued an opinion
  • the person who filed the request has withdrawn it
  • we have refused a request for an opinion. Where weve issued a decision refusing the request, you can view this in our decisions database

Further information

If you would like more information about a particular request please contact us by:

  • telephone: +44 (0)1633 813813 or +44 (0)1633 813616
  • fax: +44(0)1633 814491
  • email:

2020 requests

Opinion numberPatent/SPC number, title and ownerRequester and request dateIssue (Infringement and/or Validity)Observations deadlineOutcome

Apparatus and method for replacing an overhead conductor

Babcock Networks Limited
Slingco Limited

18 February 2020
Infringement20 March 2020

Shockwave apparatus having a pneumatic drive united technologies corporation

Storz Medical AG
Duncan Morren

7 February 2020
Infringement12 March 2020

Improvements in or relating to ablutionary installations

Kohler Mira Limited
Beck Greener LLP

29 January 2020
Validity6 March 2020

Polytunnel structure

Haygrove Limited
Pro-tech Marketing Limited

27 December 2019
Validity31 January 2020
Published 3 January 2020
Last updated 21 February 2020 +show all updates
  1. Opinion number 04/20 added.

  2. New opinion 01/20 added.

  3. New opinion 03/20 added.

  4. Opinion number 02/20 added.

  5. First published.

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