Tackling drug-resistant infection: apply for funding support

Innovate UK

September 29
09:40 2016

Innovate UK has up to 4 million to support projects that advance the UKs ability to tackle the global problem of antimicrobial resistance.

The UK Government has acknowledged the need to for a significant research effort to stop the spread of drug-resistant infections.

It is estimated that a failure to tackle drug-resistant infections could lead to at least 10 million extra deaths a year and cost the global economy up to 75 trillion by 2050.

This competition aims to support capital investment in:

  • new infrastructure that will fast-track research and development of new drugs, diagnostics and vaccines
  • a global multi-centre clinical trials network for drugs, diagnostics and vaccines
  • existing UK infrastructure and the setting up of a sample-collection network
  • databases for new scientific and public understanding of antimicrobial resistance

Competition information

  • the competition is open and the registration deadline is at noon on 27 October 2016
  • projects are open to any organisation including businesses, charities, universities and hospitals
  • projects can be led by any organisation of any size working alone or in collaboration with other organisations
  • we expect to fund between 2 and 12 projects
  • we expect funding requests to be between 200,000 and 2 million but larger and smaller requests will be considered
  • businesses could receive up to 50% of their total costs and universities, hospitals and research and technology organisations up to 100%

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