Gaming technology that assesses personality wins design award

Innovate UK

November 12
14:08 2015

Arctic Shores: Design in Innovation winners 2015

A company that uses games technology to help employers make accurate personality assessments of job candidates has won the award for Design in innovation at Innovate 2015

Robert Newry, co-founder and managing director of Manchester-based Arctic Shores, collected the award at the event held at Billingsgate in London. He said:

We are incredibly excited to win this. It brings us one step closer to realising our vision, which is to allow people from any background to be able to shine in their applications for the jobs that are right for them.

Arctic Shores psychologists work with game designers to build scenarios that follow strict psychometric research criteria, but which are fun to play.

One of their early customers is Deloitte, becoming the first major corporate to use a game-based personality assessment as part of its selection process in the UK.

The award at Innovate 2015 has heightened interest in Artic Shore:

Weve met lots of companies from different parts of the world and from different sectors. Games-based technology is something that a lot of people are interested in because its fun.

But theyre also interested in it as a different way of engaging people and getting over challenges that other methods havent been very successful at.

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