UK healthcare education and training in high demand in China

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January 5
17:12 2018

Matching the healthcare needs of growing, ageing populations with the right supply of trained health professionals is a challenge for both the UK and China.

The emphasis on collaboration and healthcare professional training has allowed the UK to become a global expert in managing the shifting needs in healthcare. This has created a demand to educate and train other countries.

UK expertise in healthcare

The UKs system of healthcare education and training, especially in the NHS, ensures that healthcare professionals continually develop their skills.

In addition to this, the UK is especially adept at forging collaborations between public and private sector, academia and charities. This allows healthcare organisations to gain new skills and insight at a rapid pace.

This expertise has led to an extensive network of UK healthcare education and training providers who are ready to export their knowledge, skills and experience.

Healthcare UK has been reaching out to these businesses and organisations, encouraging their export programmes and advising them where the greatest demand for their services lies.

There is a strong demand for education and training in China as the country looks to improve its healthcare services to an international standard, making them more able to cope with a growing and aging population.

Meeting the demand for healthcare

As evidence of and to help meet this demand, Healthcare UK recently prepared a mission to bring UK healthcare exporters to China. The mission was supported by the:

13 UK companies representing the best of NHS trusts, universities and private organisations introduced themselves and presented their healthcare education and training offer. These organisations included Alder Hey, Tavistock and Portman NHS trusts and London South Bank and West of Scotland Universities.

More than 250 representatives from Chinese government bodies, medical associations, and private and public hospitals in Beijing, Guangzhou and the surrounding regions met with these companies over the course of the mission..

Some companies also had more in-depth discussions with a range of Chinese representatives, including those from the Beijing Huatong Guokang Foundation (BHGF). This is a charity that supports Chinese organisations to organise overseas training ranging from a few weeks to a few months.

Healthcare UK signed an MOU with BHGF. Indeed, the NHS in particular is known in China as a global leader in healthcare expertise and patient safety, and the opportunities for NHS trusts to work with organisations in the region are excellent.

More opportunities for UK healthcare suppliers

There has never been a better time to do business between our 2 countries this year marks the 45th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the UK and China.

Chinas Healthy China 2030 plan that aims to reform the countrys medical and health systems also delivers an increased demand for healthcare expertise in various areas.

The strong UK presence in the global healthcare education and training sector means opportunities for UK businesses to flourish in China, a trend we expect to see continuing in future years.

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