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Groceries Code Adjudicator

February 4
09:00 2020

Welcome from the Groceries Code Adjudicator

GCA 2020 Survey

Since my appointment as GCA Ive encouraged suppliers to tell me about their experiences with the regulated retailers in my annual survey. I launched my seventh survey on 4 February: My term of office ends in June 2020, so this will be my final survey. In 2019 I received over 1,500 survey responses and I hope youll take the time to complete the survey again this year in large numbers. It closes on 29 March.

Your views about all the regulated retailers are very important to me, so please be as frank as possible when you complete the survey and encourage your colleagues to do the same. This year they survey includes Home Bargains following their designation by the Competition and Markets Authority.

I find the survey immensely valuable, as do the retailers, in identifying the issues the groceries sector is facing. I have used the results from the survey to guide my work with the retailers and this year the retailers asked me to repeat it even though it will not be me taking the work forward, so they can see where their efforts have been noticed and identify areas where they can make further improvements.?

YouGov carries out the survey on my behalf and everything you tell me is treated in strict confidence.? Respondents are not identified to me without having given their consent.?This year I am not holding a conference to announce the results, but they will be published in June on my website and in my final newsletter.

10 years of the Groceries Supply Code of Practice


The Code came into force on 4 February 2010. Since then there have been many changes, including the creation of my role in 2013 to oversee its operation, and the later designation of three additional retailers. My role is to interpret the Code as well as to monitor and enforce compliance with it, so the Code has evolved. If you havent yet been trained in the Code, I strongly urge you to find a trainer and get trained. You can see a list of training providers on my website.

Update on work with Co-operative Group Limited (Co-op)

I have published my view on the progress made by Co-op towards following the recommendations set out in my investigation report. I was pleased to note the continued progress that has been made. I recognise the significant work that has gone into making changes to implement the recommendations.

My work with all the retailers

My regular one-to-one meetings with retailers take place over the next few weeks. Youll be able to read a summary of these meetings on my website by the end of the month.

Christine Tacon

Online resources

Following feedback that it would be useful to have all information relating to particular Code-related issues in one place, a new page has been added to the website called Code provisions and related GCA action. It sets out published GCA material relating to particular paragraphs of the Code. Do take a look at this section of the website to find out more about the Code.

On the GCA YouTube channel you can also find Christine speaking about specific aspects of the Code including: De-listing, delay in payments, variation of supply agreements and forecasting and promotions in a series of bitesize videos.

If you experience a Code-related issue with a retailer, go to the GCA website and YouTube channel to find out more information.

Save the date

Christine Tacon is speaking at several events around the UK about her role, her priorities and recent developments upcoming dates are below.

Details Event Whats happening
12 February 9am Your desk GCA Webinar Your opportunity to hear more from Christine about her work with the retailers and to ask any questions you may have. Register your interest online.
2 March 2.30pm The GCA office, London BBG member briefing Christine will be updating members of the British Brands Group on her work as the GCA. Please contact John Noble if you would like to attend.
5 March 8.30am Kenilworth British Frozen Food Federation (BFFF) annual conference Presentation - Christine talks through her work as GCA and how she has achieved change in the UK groceries sector. Please book through BFFF.
11 March 8.30am to 3pm Oslo, Norway The FOOD conference Presentation - Christine talks through her work as GCA and how she has achieved change in the UK groceries sector. Details available soon
16 March Midday Your desk GCA webinar Your chance to ask Christine any questions you have about the work of the GCA or the Code. Register your interest for this webinar online.
18 March 11am to midday The GCA office, London Young Foodies briefing Christine will be talking Young Foodies members to update them on her work as the GCA and the importance of getting trained in the Code. Please speak to Bryony Defraize Dash if you would like to attend.
25 March 9am Central London The Westminster Nutrition Forum Christine is the keynote speaker. Read full details of the event.

The Adjudicator and her team are keen to attend supplier events. If your organisation is planning an event, please contact to discuss whether someone from the GCA office can attend. It would be helpful if you would provide details of the

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